There’s nothing like piping hot water to soothe your muscles after a day of adventure! The onsen, or hot spring in the Niseko area are famous throughout Japan and provide an experience that simply cannot be missed. Many onsen have stunning views to take in whilst you soak. Particularly unique is the volcanic backdrop of Mt Yotei.

Most onsen require you to bring your own towel or they can be rented / purchased at Reception. Here are a few of our favourite soaking spots:

The Vale Niseko Onsen & Swimming Pool (Hirafu)

Niseko’s newest luxury onsen located on level 1 of The Vale Niseko. Relax in the mineral rich hot spring baths and watch the snow fall from the secluded outdoor baths.

Niseko Grand Hotel (An’nupuri)

Located in the Konbu onsen area, this hotel rose to fame in 1954 when Emperor Hirohito visited the Hotel. This is one of the only onsen in the area that has a mixed pool. It is popular with groups over winter who want to experience bathing together. Women may choose to purchase a short ‘dress’ to wear in the water for comfort and modesty.

Yukoro Onsen (Hirafu)

Located in lower-Hirafu this popular outdoor and indoor onsen allows you to enjoy a beer whilst you soak your tired muscles. For many Japanese a dip in a hot spring can be regarded as a social affair. The traditional customs of baths are thought to break down social barriers and allow people to get to know each other without inhibition.

The Green Leaf Hotel Onsen (Niseko)

The Green Leaf Onsen (main picture) stands out as one of the most beautiful natural rock pools in Niseko Village. The water source originates from a 100% natural mineral spring and feeds into separate indoor and outdoor onsen for males and females.

Hotel Kanronomori (Niseko)

Hotel Kanoronomori is one of the only hotels in the area to offer private onsen rooms. You can also enjoy a massage or aromatherapy treatment as an indulgent extra to your hot spring experience.